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Well, I'm back. Long, crazy, hectic year involving a major job promotion, a work schedule heavy enough to kill elephants, friend issues, relationship issues, family issues and oh yeah, just general life issues.

And a year without writing. I started NaNo, but only got a bit in before I was interrupted by RL. And so I'm taking the writing pledge -- Get Your Words Out 2014. I'm going to write at least one new fanfic a month, and work on my novels, and maybe noodle in some other things.

I set a goal of 200,000, but I'm hoping to exceed it. We'll see.

Wish me luck.

We have a white Christmas!

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Forecast was for a sprinkling of snowflakes.


So far we've got half an inch and it's getting heavier.


I love it!


New star for Transformers 4 . . .

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My inbox just dumped this on me --

Mark Wahlberg will be starring in Transformers 4.

Hmm. Change is in the air all over these days.

Disney Marvel -- & Star Wars

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So Disney is buying Lucasfilms.




Could be great in that they are talking new films.


Could be bad in that release dates could clash and hold up more Marvel films.


I have to think about this.


There went the power...

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We lost the power 45 minutes ago and right now the winds are bending  the willow trees practically in half.


And every ten minutes we hear another siren as the police and firemen bravely go out in this.


Something tells me I may not be working tomorrow.

Why -- is the Mall open?

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So, Hurricane Sandy is here. And everything in the Philadelphia area is shut down -- bridges, mass transit, parks, museums. The school districts and even the Universities have closed for two days. Hospitals are cancelling elective surgeries. And every Mall in the area is closed.

Except, it appears, King of Prussia Mall, the largest in the area. Also, the one that tends to have flooding issues the last two years.

Because of course, no one wants to miss the first day of sales at Nordstrom. Well, personally, I would go, 'cause I have things there I want to buy -- but at the moment the streets outside my apartment complex are developing into a small chain of lake!

Ah, well, Netflix will just have to entertain me.


Here comes Sandy!

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Sandy's beginning to hit here, and yes, I got back home just in time to enjoy a hurricane. Oh joy.

Not sure how bad it's going to be, but wanted to tell all my friends on thc coast to handtough, while we get walloped by a hurricane.

Here outside Philly, the winds are getting very strong, the rain is picking up and there's that funny pressure building in the air that you get in these storms.

I spent a day taking everything off the balcony. Cooked up the perishable food so it'll still be usable if power is lost. Did the laundry so I have clothes to wear. Fought off a horde more ravenous than those dead guys on The Walking Dead to get water.

Gonna shut off the computer, now, so if something happens, I don't blow my laptop right before Nano.

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A placeholder for part 2, so I can post a link to the group. The story will be up later tomorrow morning -- my Smartphone is useless for uploading large files to the site when traveling, and I've just got back from yet another funfilled excursion and must sleep a few hours before I do anything requiring sanity and a working brain. When I do -- part 2.

Title: Immortal Hunt
Author: blade_and_roses
Challenge answered: Episode Update
Characters/Pairings: Wolf, Amy Dawson, Joe Dawson, Methos, Amanda, Amanda/Wolf background, plenty of OC’s – and neither Connor nor Richie are dead.
Rating: PG for swearing and some minor violence
Summary: Methos’ database comes back to haunt both Immortals and Watchers.

Imaginings on an HL Reboot -- a bit late

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My thanks, first of all, to the wonderful gryphonrhi, who graciously has allowed me to post on her day, after work ate my brain (in a good way, more on that in a few months or so) and I missed my day because of meetings.

So, my ‘reboot’ of Highlander is not, strictly speaking, a reboot, but more of an update to the original series.
Read moreCollapse )


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